Just outside a small town in the land of Welgaea is a gigantic tower, reaching into the heavens, filled with deadly monsters unlike any others in the world. The tiny witch Tofu Muffin (who is neither tofu nor a muffin) just wants to help people, and she's happened upon a town with a request. Legend has it the tower has a magical artifact in it that will help ward off the monsters threatening the city, but nobody knows if the legends are true, or if the tower even has a top! Tofu's going to have to collect cards, level up, and explore a randomly generated tower to see if the legends are true.

Honestly I just want people to play and enjoy the game, but donations are more than welcome! As is feedback! I'd love to continue tweeking and adding content based on what the players want!

I don't have the capacity to test (or really do much OS-specific support) the OSX and Linux versions, I've just got what Construct gives me. Also, Firefox doesn't have great HTML 5 support, so if you're seeing a lot of slowdown you may want to either download it or try a different browser.

1.2.2: Anniversary update! Added a new card available as a 50% drop from chests on floor 50. Also made it easier to level up, especially leveling up cards far below your level.

1.1.1a: Got it to work smoothly on mobile, yeah! Play it on yo phones! Also got it to display WAY more smoothly in the browser here on Itch, no more jaggies! Fair warning the buttons are very tiny, so it's not as easy as I'd like to hit them accurately.

1.1.1: Bug fixed where you could play a card on top of another card. Bug fixed where holding the arrow keys didn't move you continuously. Bug fix to remove extra executables when the program closes.

1.1.0: Touch/mobile support added. Button added on lists to skip to the top/bottom of lists. Flat exp increase. mid-game cards balanced. Two new cards added: Return card which will return a monster card from the field to your hand, available from chests like the other item cards, and a monster card which is a reward for defeating the overpowering presence.

1.0.4: Tweeks: Help tab now opens with a click. Arrows move you as well as WASD. Text changed on the Life Up card. Bugs fixed: Can no longer select invisible menu options. Life Up card can no longer be used on cards in your hand. Dialogue showing cards collected from chests now correctly shows card stats. New feature: Trap card now displays AND DISARMS all traps on the floor.

1.0.2: Fixed a diagonal movement glitch, added keyboard controls that make more sense and do more (mouse is still required) and added a "help" tab on the battle menu that should explain a lot of things people were confused/didn't know about!


Published Feb 11, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
GenreRole Playing, Card Game
TagsDungeon Crawler, Roguelike, tiny-witch


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I wish this was downloadable. i don't like web games.

It is! Though you can play it in browser, there should be a download link below the description.

:O i think i just assumed there wasn't one since. i don't think downloads are common on the same page as where you play a browser game XD

Hey Naka, what is the max level for Tofu and the cards?

I have played this for a bit, I like it. Only a few things though, I grabbed a card with only 1 attack and 1 hp, but I have yet to level her so maybe she has some surprise? Also, the orange F.O.E monster with the strong presence has no data even after I beat her, the exp she gave was low too it felt. Other than that it's strangely addictive once you learn how to min-max the cards. I'm only level 21 and made it past the star stage and ended up back at the tower 1st floor setting, I left afterwards to level more cards. The game is very interesting and underrated.

Thank you! The 1/1 card you got for being the orange FOE does have a surprise in store! It'll probably be a long time before it shows its true power though, so maybe just hold onto it for later. The orange FOE should also have had some data shown up. I think it's at the bottom of the list?

Oh! I see it now thanks doh ><

I've got the card with me because I feel like it has some secret, but for now I've found that weaker cards once leveled a ton hold more power than the stronger cards I have, I use those cards as my "tanks" while I try to use the lower star cards as heavy hitters and fodder. Funny thing about the orange monster, I was actually about to give up until I noticed that my strong cards was at the bottom of my deck, I ended up winning by using all of my fodder (low level cards) to weaken it, then my heavy hitters high level cards all came near the end of my deck, it was a state of the art lucky random moment. I walked out with under 50 hp and one card with about 4 hp left.

Will gladly donate to the mighty Naka. Looks fun :)

Love the way the game looks. I plan to donate here soon.

great!!!! so cute!!